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As one of the largest flower shows in all of Florida, Naples citizens are excited to see what blooms and designs will be seen this year. Along with the exhibits, there will also be a Garden Market, juried designs, and demonstrations. Having an all-day schedule means it’s a great opportunity to bring the family out for a full day of fun in a mesmerizing show only available once a year. Not to mention the freshly made food by the garden’s chef is meant to give you a unique experience with his delightfully designed presentation in his food. If you’re unsure of what to get, try the Mahi Tacos: we hear they’re his best sellers.

The Naples Botanical garden welcomes young talented students to display their horticultural work this Friday and Saturday. Avalon Elementary students have spent this school year planting and watering some of the many blooms to be seen at this year’s event and they are excited to show off their progress. Raynelle Perkins, a member of the Naples Garden Club that has been prepping students for the showcase and marvels at the eagerness of the children to learn and teach others in return.

The Naples Botanical Garden celebrates this year’s theme of “Making Music” to tie their presentation together and, with the help of live musicians, we think this year’s exhibit will be nothing short of magical. The Flower Show has surpassed viewer expectations year after year, leaving Naples curious to see how they will manage to pull it off again.

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