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  • 08/9/21

Looking for a brief but comprehensive home seller’s guide? Look no further. Learn all you need to know about making a lucrative home sale in the highly coveted Naples, FL luxury home market on this page.

Breaking Down the Home Selling Process

1. Defining Your Selling Goals

Selling a house is a process that requires several important decisions. To make sure that you are headed in the right direction throughout the process, you must be clear about your motivations for selling. Are you eager to sell fast because you need to relocate right away – for a job change or a move to another home overseas, for example? Are you willing to wait until the market drops the best offer possible on your lap?

2. Hiring an Agent

Make the entire home selling process easier by partnering with a savvy and well-connected real estate professional. Choose an agent that not only has the qualifications and experience, but also in-depth knowledge of your area. Their body of work in your local market will provide you with invaluable insights into what buyers want in homes in your location. Their extensive networks can also provide essential advantages such as local service providers and direct connections to high-value buyers.

3. Preparing Your House to Sell

Your house has to be in its best condition to attract serious interest and substantial offers from buyers. Before putting your home on the market, get a deep clean done in and around the whole property. Don’t hesitate to invest in professional cleaning services; their expertise and equipment will spare you from a lot of strenuous and time-consuming work.

Pay attention to essential repair needs, too. Make sure that everything in your home is in working condition, so buyers will not find anything to complain or worry about when they tour your property.

4. Staging and Photographing the Home

Use staging and photography to showcase your property’s best features and angles. These will help make your marketing materials “pop” and gain more attention from buyers. Effective staging also helps you make a strong, positive impression with buyers visiting and touring your home.

5. Pricing the Property

Attaching the right price to a home for sale is crucial to a successful sale. The numbers you attach to your listing should be based on your property’s current market value to prevent overpricing. Ask your agent to help you do a comparative market analysis, a review of prices, and selling trends for similar homes around your area.

6. Advertising and Showing the Home

With help from your agent, create a marketing strategy that will generate the most exposure for your property. This includes determining the best time to make your listing go public, ideal format (such as print, online, and social media advertisements), and scheduling open houses. In the luxury market, it is common to sell properties privately or off-market – that is, by using an agent’s network to connect with potential buyers. Be sure to inform your agent if this is your preferred manner of seeking out buyers for your house.

If you are listing your property publicly, however, make sure to offer flexible viewing schedules to accommodate as many interested buyers as possible.

7. Entertaining Offers

Ask your agent to help you filter and assess the offers that come in. Their experience and expertise will help you see past the buyer’s offer price and evaluate the finer details and specific contingency requests that buyers add to their offer.

8. Negotiating With the Buyer

When you decide on the best or most interesting offer, prepare to enter the crucial negotiation stage with your buyer. In addition to the final sale price, your negotiations may cover details like which party takes responsibility for closing costs, furniture or appliances included in the sale, and other special requests that can seal or speed up the deal. Plan a comprehensive negotiation strategy with your agent. As your primary representative, your agent should always be up to speed with your priorities and interests, so maintain constant and consistent communication.

9. Cooperating With Final Contingency Steps

Once you enter escrow, be prepared to cooperate with the completion of all contingency measures detailed in your purchase agreement. These steps may include giving professional inspectors access to your home, addressing any repairs recommended by the inspectors, and providing appraisers and title inspectors with copies of your property’s essential documents. When all requirements are fulfilled, you can proceed with the closing of the sale.

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