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When you put your property on the market, the goal is to sell your home fast and make a sizable profit. Achieving both takes a bit of prep work – one of which is getting your home ready to sell.

First, you need to take a step back

One of the hardest parts of selling your home is letting go of it. The longer you’ve lived in the home, the harder it is to dissociate yourself from all the milestones and memories it holds.

Treasure the special moments but remind yourself that without you and your family, the house is just an empty shell waiting for another owner to fill it up with their own memories. Look forward to the next phase of your home ownership journey and embrace the fresh opportunity to create a new life in your new home.

Depersonalize your home

One of the best tips for selling your home is to put away heirlooms, photographs, and other personal items that could distract a potential buyer from imagining themselves ensconced in your home. Your house should look welcoming but impersonal, inviting people to see your space as their own instead of having them wonder about your life based on your stuff.

Make sure your furniture has broad appeal – comfy couches and the like. Keep things neutral by stowing away unusual objects and art or replacing them with more generic pieces.


It’s amazing what people accumulate over time. We get emotionally attached to certain things or refuse to let them go because we’re convinced they can still be used for something. The problem is that the longer you keep items past their sell-by date, the less you actually need them. More importantly, they can get in the way of being able to sell your home fast.

Decluttering doesn’t mean having to throw everything out, however. You could donate the items to a charity. You could also include the bigger pieces you may not want to bring with you when you move out – a piano, for example, or chandeliers – as a perk to your asking price.

As you clear out your house, take books out of their shelves and wipe down kitchen counters. You can begin packing away things in boxes and storing them out of sight.

Organize storage spaces and closets

Buyers are interested in storage space. They’ll likely look through cabinets and closets to see how much room they have. That’s why you should organize these spaces ahead of time.

If buyers see that things are well organized, they’ll consider it a reflection of your home. They’re likely to equate an organized home with a better maintained home and may move them closer to making an offer on your property.

Only show items that come with the house

If you don’t want buyers to assume that every item in the house comes with the asking price, stash away the things you want to keep for yourself. Anything a buyer sees when they tour your house can be considered either part of the house or up for negotiation. Telling potential buyers that certain items aren’t part of the deal, especially if these pieces figure prominently in your staged home, can sour their interest.

Undertake repairs and maintenance

An important part of getting your home ready to sell is making the necessary repairs. Replace cracked tiles along with other visible eyesores. Look through a standard home inspection checklist and take it upon yourself to ensure every item passes muster. Make sure the pool is clean, your landscaping is good, and the exterior of your home spells curb appeal. You can repaint your walls a more neutral color while you’re at it. Replace bulbs that still work but have been in use for so long they might blinker out any day now. You don’t want a light to sputter out when you switch it on during a showing. The smallest things matter.

Clean up

No home sellers guide would be complete without the advice to clean up your house. Hire professional cleaners to make the house sparkle. Air out the musty parts of your home. Deodorize pet smells. Pressure clean the exterior.  Order in a day before a showing to avoid the lingering odor of cooking – unless you’re baking cookies.

Compare prices

When the time comes to actually put a price on your home, don’t forget to check house prices in Florida to give yourself a good idea of how much your home may be worth. For a more accurate estimate, consult a local real estate expert that specializes in the kind of home you’re selling.

Luxury home sellers in Naples, FL

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