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The Naples city council has expressed interest in changes to the Boats on the Beach Program in order to improve the health of Naples Beaches.

A recent article from the Naples Daily News reports on these potential changes to the Boats on the Beach program, which has allowed citizens to store sailboats, dinghies, and additional small crafts nearly up to the vegetation for perpetual storage. However, beaching these boats can break into the roots holding the dunes together and cause potential beach erosion. Many fear the boats may even hold threats for the rare nesting of sea turtles in the area.

Due to the prolonged time over which a large quantity of boats are beached in the same location with the Boats on the Beach Program, there has been a slow deterioration to ecosystem health that may be avoidable.

The city council has recently concluded that by halving the amount of boats able to be stored in one area while creating another storage site for the others, the environmental damage can be greatly reduced. This would mean that there would be a total of three boats at each location but double the locations to hold the same amount of boats.

This plan would also impact the kayak huts located along the water, but many people are excited for the potential to add more spaces for new kayaks. As exciting as this may be, this new kayak storage may come with a substantial fee to their users if the plan is implemented after the council votes on the fate of the program in an approaching meeting. Hopefully these changes will give us what is best for the city of Naples and encourage continued progress.

If all goes in Naples’ favor, we might see an improvement to our local beaches and a few new and improved structures along the waterside.

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