Amazing Italian Restaurants coming to Naples in 2019 - Earls | Lappin Naples Luxury Realtors


Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza

This restaurant projects to make its debut to Naples in Galleria Shoppes early February and comes straight from Italy. Renato Viola, an Italian master chef who came from Italy on a visa given to him on behalf of his extraordinary talents as a chef and has a knack for astonishing guests with his delicious take on pizza. Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza is known for their coveted star shaped pizzas that have pieces of the crust folded over and stuffed with ricotta cheese.

These pizzas were an enormous success in Miami, and Naples has been waiting for a taste ever since; hopefully, we won’t have to wait much more.


Café Luna

Café Luna is making its grand reopening in its East-Naples location by February 1st if all goes well. This restaurant closed a few months ago due to an issue with a redevelopment project, and they have been greatly missed. With their large selection of wine and delicious Italian-American menu, the restaurant has had Naples’ attention since its first opening twelve years ago on Fifth Avenue South in downtown Naples.

The Café Luna regulars will only have to hold out for a little longer before digging in to their outstanding standard of quality cuisine.

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