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After two long years of absence, La Bamba has reopened in a Naples location for lunch and dinner at its original home near the Collier County courthouse. Giuseppe Rinaldi, the founder of the restaurant, says he has missed the area deeply: after all, with ten years of experience in the area, it is hard not to miss his many regulars. More than that, the people of Naples are jumping to finally be back at their favorite hot spot.

Rinaldi was born in Naples, Italy and his mother trained him as a professional chef. Rinaldi says the secret behind his cooking is freshness and that is why his Mexican cuisine tops others. Rinaldi told Naples Daily News, “I think good products, best quality, is a secret you can’t beat.” His dedication to freshness and quality has proven to win over the citizens of Naples time and time again. Somehow, Rinaldi has always given us the quality food he speaks about while maintaining affordable prices.

La Bamba has always been craved for its well-priced selection of burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, tostadas, and tacos. Being able to combine any of these items into a combo plate allows you your own selection of food, personalized to your liking. There are some specialty items on this menu such as the carne asada tampiquena that will blow you away and make you want to order it again to take home; however, don’t leave until you have at least tried the flan or the fried ice cream.

Rinaldi says his main reason for reestablishing his restaurant in Naples is his longing to be back to the residents he loves. Naples has missed the lively experience of La Bamba just as much as he has missed us and we are thrilled to welcome the restaurant home.

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