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A recent editorial in the Naples Daily News discussed the results of a the decisions of the Planning Board in regards to the Naples Beach Hotel.

The Watkins family has been well invested in the Naples community for many years, well beloved for their generous donations and their guidance as a key point of tourism in the city. The family wishes to step away from the business and this means that, no matter what, things are going to change. However, having a large chunk of Naples beachfront up for grabs leaves citizens feeling uneasy.

Some citizens feared that the redevelopment and possible change in size of the hotel will increase the amount of traffic along Gulf Shore Boulevard. They also feared that taking away the large golf course would leave the heart of Naples without an open greenspace, which many argue is much needed. More than anything, much of the public did not want to see the hotel go.

What resulted from this meeting was a unanimous decision for the Naples Beach Hotel to be redeveloped into a smaller resort with room for more residential condos. Having this available would, hopefully, result in less traffic along Gulf Shore Boulevard and more space for residents. The meeting also resulted in favor for keeping the green space in the center of town but placing more restrictions on any future changes.

Thankfully, there were many Naples citizens there during the process which we believe will carve the future of the beachfront out into a path our citizens will be excited for. The next step of the plan is to take is to City Council.

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