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For the fourth year in a row, Naples, Florida has been nationally ranked number one in well-being by the Gallup National Health Index.

As exciting as it sounds, there has been plenty of effort put into making this possible.

What does it take to be the heathiest city in the United States?

The ranking was divided into categories such as career, social well-being, financial well-being, community, and physical health. While the pristine beaches and lovely landscaping certainly encourages well-being, Naples Mayor Bill Barnett is claiming the success on a community effort you have certainly heard of.

Mayor Barnett says this honorable ranking comes from the actions of Blue Zones Project of Southwest Florida. If you haven’t heard of it, it is an improvement initiative launched in 2012 determined to increase life expectancy.

Dan Buettner, a National Geographic explorer, spent time studying communities across the world that shared life traits beneficial to their health. Some of the factors he was able to isolate for his study was belonging, purpose, diet, and social setting.

Naples has seen an increase in individuals and even workplaces taking on the lifestyle which leads Barnett to believe the rank can’t be by chance. Collier County took an initiative to improve the quality of life of citizens at home and at work, at great benefit to our citizens.

What do you think, can Naples go 5-for-5 and win again next year?

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