This week the Naples City Council will be discussing the option of removing the stormwater outfall pipes found on Naples’ beaches. According to a recent Naples Daily News article, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has held off on issuing any new beach renourishment permits until plans have been made to remove the outfalls. And with good reason.

The stormwater outfall pipes cause many problems, including:

  • Negative impacts to Gulf of Mexico water quality
  • Acceleration of beach erosion
  • Detrimental to sea turtle nesting and other aspects of the environment
  • They deposit debris and high levels of bacteria into the Gulf of Mexico
  • Increase neighborhood flooding

Additionally, the outfall pipes need frequent, expensive maintenance.

The plan approved by the city council will remove 6 of the outfalls. It will also extend one of the outfalls, and a pump station will be added to help push the outfall further out to help avoid flooding. Currently this project is in permitting, and construction is currently expected to begin in April of 2020.

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