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Naples, FL has come a long way in recent years. A burgeoning culinary scene is now part of the many fun things to do in Naples, FL. Here are five of the top restaurants in Naples Florida to try.

Namba Ramen and Sushi
8847 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL

Namba has been open since 2017 and it’s the only place you’re likely to find the chef hand-roll their own sushi.  Chef Pitak “Koko” Hermkhunthod trained in Japan for five years before pinging his way across kitchens in New York and Miami and then finding a home in Naples, FL for his superior etas. The milky broth of Namba’s ramen is the result of a 17-hour simmer. The noodles are flown directly from Japan. As one critic said, “The food at Namba is very good to absolutely wonderful. You will not have a bad meal here.”

The Continental
1205 Third Street, Naples, FL 

The Continental recalls a luxurious European bar. More than that, the staff is so friendly and courteous, they make you feel like an old friend. They know just the drink you need and serve it to you in an instant. Owned by D’Amico and Partners, The Continental is dedicated to making you feel like a valued guest. While there aren’t many surprises on the menu, expect a great experience that pulls you away from whatever the world is throwing at you. Feel like you’re in another continent at The Continental.

The Bay House
799 Walkerbilt Road, Naples, FL

Head over to The Bay House if you want good old southern cooking with a beautiful view of Cocohatchee Bay.  Sip magical cocktails served by charming staff. Have your fill of fresh market oysters and Alaskan king crab at the Claw Bar. Order from a wide selection of entrees, from house jerk-marinated swordfish to 12 oz. prime NY strip steak. Much like a fine wine, The Bay House only gets better with time and deserves its spot among the top restaurants in Naples Florida.

The French Brasserie Rustique
365 5th Avenue S, Naples, FL

Like The Bay House, this restaurant serves up a memorable dining experience with food that’s simple but spectacular. Chef-owner Vincenzo Betulia transforms humble ingredients into something so delicious, you have to take a step back in awe. It helps that the décor, the drinks – from gin cocktails to champagne – and the breezes that drift across the open-air restaurant make you want to linger until you really have to go.

Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro
865 Fifth Avenue S., Downtown Naples, FL

The New York Times raved about this restaurant in an article called “36 Hours in Naples, Fla.” Surprised an ethnic restaurant even existed in this part of the state known for being less flashy than Miami, the paper called the restaurant’s Persian-style seafood paella and spicy tabrizi apricot chicken “outstanding entrees.” Because of its innovative cuisine, Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro was named one of 2019’s top restaurants in Naples.

Sails Restaurant
301 5th Avenue S, Naples, FL

Sails Restaurant epitomizes the fine-dining experience in Naples. You’ll see it in the leather-topped stools, the marble bar, and the French flatware. You’ll  feel it in the stunning service. And you’ll definitely savor it in the exceptional quality of Chef Jacob Jasinski’s gnocchi with lobster and crab, scallops with citrus butter sauce, and delectable chocolate soufflé. Sails was voted by Naples Daily News as the Number 1 best Naples restaurant in 2019. According to the article, “Sails takes the upscale dining for which Naples is so well known, and then ups it 10-fold.”

Upscale dining is fun

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Naples FL it doesn’t get much better than the fine dining experiences on offer. The restaurant scene is evolving all the time. It won’t be long before some up-and-coming restaurant knocks down someone on our list to claim their spot among the top restaurants in Naples FL.

Still, what truly matters in the end is Naples’ expanding culinary scene, offering more upscale dining options to the discriminating residents of Naples.

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