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Finding a home and making an offer is all very exciting, but a home buyer should never overlook inspection day. This is likely going to be the first time that a buyer gets to enter a house since making an offer. This is their opportunity to understand the condition of a home.

That’s why finding a good inspector – and having the right inspection reports completed – is one of the best real estate tips for buyers. Your Realtor will help you understand the inspection reports and help navigate the remediation process and how they fit in with the sales contract. Often the inspection and the demand letter opens up another round of negotiations that your Realtor will help you with.

Get Full Disclosure

Another one of our important real estate tips for buyers is to get a full disclosure agreement from a seller. This is something you should get before ordering an inspection. It will give you an idea of things that an inspector should pay closer attention to. If the seller discloses that they recently had a water leak, for example, then be sure to alert the inspector to ensure it was remediated effectively.

Disclosure requirements can vary from state to state, and even between local jurisdiction. Be sure to ask your real estate agent any questions you may have about the process. It’s generally a boilerplate document where a seller answers yes or no questions and goes into more detail when appropriate.

An important thing to note would be unpermitted work. If something was done without approval, then you could be the one that has to fork out extra to bring the home up to code. All unpermitted work should be inspected, in particular, plumbing and electrical work.

Final Thoughts

Home inspections are one of the most important parts of buying a home. Be sure to talk to your realtor about home inspections and get their recommendations on a good inspector. You can rely on the best realtor in the Florida area. Contact me on 239.777.6622 or send through an email to bill@billearls.com.

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