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Harvest & Wisdom, a new farm-to-table restaurant is serving lunch five days a week in Bonita Springs. The all-organic restaurant grows its own produce from an on-site farm that’s about five acres large; the only food not grown on site are the meats, which are all sourced locally, and the sodas.

The newly renovated restaurant is helping to redefine what dining can be while at the same time setting a new standard for environmentally conscious eating. Harvest & Wisdom combats the fact that up to forty percent of our food is wasted by regularly composting what isn’t consumed to be used in the garden as fertilizer. With managed portion sizes and affordable prices, you will leave the restaurant feeling fresh and energized rather than bogged down and overloaded. Even after all the effort the restaurant has gone to, Harvest & Wisdom still goes the extra mile by using paper straws and composting take out boxes. Many are saying that this restaurant could set a shining example for future restaurants in the area.

Success of the inspiring restaurant concepts can only be achieved with a great chef who is equally as eager to see the idea take flight. Chef Allen Fisher  has been quoted in the News-Press saying, “To be here, to be doing this, it’s a chef’s dream.” He grew up cooking what he picked from the garden that morning and being able to do it professionally has really brought him back to his roots. Even though the chef has worked in renowned, Michelin-rated restaurants and has been starred on a season of the popular Food Network’s Chopped, he is thrilled that his life’s work has delivered him to the Southwest Florida area.

Harvest & Wisdom is open from Tuesday-Saturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


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